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The Digital Retailer

Flexible And Powerful Enterprise Software Designed For Retail Chains

A Tailored Solution

As a retailer, you know one size doesn’t fit all.

We treat all our clients in the same way. We tailor an enterprise software solution to fit the needs of your business, your staff and your customers.

40 years of retail experience

Our understanding comes from actual retail experience gained over decades. Our software experience is also impressive with the roots of our current platform going back 20 years.

We have a thouroughly modern platform, based on database architecture supported by Oracle, used by Facebook. This system runs in the cloud using Amazon AWS, like AirBnB, Netflix or Unilever. If you prefer a solution to run on your own datacentre, we will be happy to facilitate this as part of our tailoring service.

Key Digital Retailer Enterprise Modules


The Retail module is for the running and management of your physical retail stores

From till software, hand-held tills to head office admin, reporting, setting of targets and much more.


Your multi-channel retail system starts here, with a fully integrated e-commerce platform.

Our system not only has the ability to power your website, it can also be your website. Your  website should be your biggest store, treat it as such and generate the online success to underpin your whole retail business.


Plan and execute operations relating to merchandise.

Define and manage your products, utilise the powerful style summary, define and allocate patterns for products and branches, view, allocate and manage transactions, movements and much more.


Achieve all your purchasing activities within this module.

We include functions for you to manage suppliers, exhibitions, agents, samples, stock orders, returns, season and delivery schedule planners. We even have an integrated buying app, great for managing buyers, new products , samples and orders at exhibitions.


We help you to manage your most valuable asset, your staff!

Both your retail and head office staff can be managed, with facilities like new starters, daily checks, calendars, contracts, leaver assessments, timesheets, reports, and much more.


The optional Wholesale module is ready to support your wholesale operations.

Fully integrated with the rest of the system, this module allows you to manage your wholesalers, ranges, orders, returns, invoices, warehouse, admin operation and more.


Good distribution is vital to keep your stores up-to-date with the latest best sellers.

Manage your warehouses, stock transfers, movements, returns, reports, pickings, warehouse staff, web order despatching and more.


All your teams need the latest information to run your business smoothly and efficiently.

Reports can be scheduled and exported, they cover all system modules, helping you to get visibility right across your business. 


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The Digital Retailer – Retailing in the Digital Age

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